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I checked this one out after reading about the new travel trailer redo that's in progress. Wow. I have a whole new respect for these little trailers. Can't wait to see how the newest one turns out.

I'm glad I found your blog. It's so interesting to hear about everyday life in a far-off places. Much is the same around the world, but the bits of uniqueness always bring a smile. I've never heard the word caravan for what is usually called a travel trailer here. I like caravan better, though--it sounds more adventurous.

Account Deleted

Wow! This is so cool! What girl wouldn't want to live in there! I want one! :-)


We had an old motorhome that traveled in when we were out ministering and I never did get ours fixed up this cute! You are awesome! If we get another, I am calling on you to renovate it!


Wow!!! This is some travel trailer decorating. I love it! Your blog is very nice...crisp and clean looking. I will be visiting again.
Have a great day. :D

celine boyer

look amazing !! well done !!
when will be the first party ?!

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